Our marriage

Ein paar Zeilen über meine Gefühle über unsere Ehe. In Englisch.

Thoughts on our marriage

I love you,

I love me,

Oh and we both sure do love us, don’t we?


I loved us pre-child and I will love you when they all be grown ups.

Then I hope to look back to all our ups and the downs,

the downs which we were able to turn around,


So we’re back on top.

I long to be as happy when we’re old but gold.

When they are long gone and we two find us at home asking us where did they go?

How did they grow up so fast? And is this love, that we cherish so much gonna last?


I tell you the truth, I don’t know how we will feel, but I know this love is for real.

I adore your smile and the way you make me feel.

Like a summer rain. Beautiful. Unexpected. Dreamy and pure.

Our expectations did we threw over board.

Because we found that behind all the facts there were two old souls

Longing for each other.

Walking each other home.


Made for each other.

Always were, always will be.

Beautiful lovers.

Meant to be one.


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